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Recharge your business by implementing something new and exiting. At ProRecharge we can quickly develop a website for your business.

In today's ever changing world, more and more business are on the internet. In the next 5 to 10 years every business will be on the internet, if you don't secure your position on the internet now it will be much harder to do it in the future, and for as little as $4.80 a week (in running costs) you can make sure that your business is moving forward.

To get your business on the internet does not have to be expensive. Contact us today for a quotation.


Do you want just an email account for your business and not a whole website?
Step 1:
Register your address on the internet from $20 to $40 a year depending on if the name is, .com or .biz... (You can think of it as a business name registration)
Step 2:
ProRecharge will manage your email account for $10 a month (You can think of it as a PO Box rental from a post office)


Benefits of having you own email account:
  • Your name (internet adrress) will stay with you until you stop paying the yearly registration fee (step 1)
  • No meter with who you connect to the internet your email address stays the same
  • No meter where you are, you can assess your emails



For more information or an explanation contact us today.

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